Established in 1998, the pantry began with a few volunteers who collected whatever food they could and delivered it to the needy from the back of a truck. From this beginning, it has grown to a permanent structure, partnering with the Houston Food Bank in 2005. This partnership, along with the donations of individuals, has enabled the pantry to greatly increase the quantity and quality of food items distributed to those in need.

Other activities/assistance

  • Educational needs
  • Employment opportunities
  • State ran SNAP Program
  • Food Drives

The needs of individuals in the area are increasing. In 2016, the pantry experienced a 233% average increase of families visiting every week. This puts a strain on resources, and increases the need for additional volunteers and finances for food. With your financial and food donations, as well as community donations, Fresno Food Pantry can continue to meet the need. The pantry is run by 100% volunteers with no paid positions, which allows 100% of all donations to be used directly for improving and supplying services to those in need.

We welcome any assistance you can offer. Click donate below to provide a financial donation to the pantry, provided by PayPal secure financial services. If you wish to donate time or food, Contact us, give us a call, or stop by and we will be happy to show you around.

Open Wednesday 9 am to noon

Cay Ruthstrom