Dr. Raymond Gills
University of Houston - Bachelor of Science in American Jurisprudence
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary - Master in Theology
St. Luke Theological Seminary - Doctorial in Ministry                                                                                                                                 

Pastor Gills grew up in Alvin, Texas and has been married to Nina, his high school sweetheart for over 30 with their seven children. Pastor Gills emphasizes the Bible as its standard for life and believes in the original inerrancy of Scripture.  Fresno Church is committed to expository preaching, often teaching verse by verse. I AM COMMITTED TO GOOD OLD FASHION GREEK / HEBREW BIBLE STUDY SERMONS.

     Genesis 2:14 contains a dozen words in Hebrew.  Most of these words prminently feature an "h" sound.  Repreating consonant sounds is called alliteration.  
     Assonance means the repetition of vowel sounds.  In the Hebrew, the end of Genesis 2:18 displays this literary feature.  It's dominated by the "e" sound. 

Mini Sermon Nuggets: 
Matthew 16 takes place in Caesarea Philippi, situated near a mountainous region containing Mount Hermon.  In the Old Testament, the region was known as Bashan, a place with a sinister reputation.  
According to the Old Testament, Bashan was controlled by two kings Sihon and Og, who were associated with the ancient giant clans: the Rephaim and the Anakim (Deut. 2:10-12).  The two main cities of their kingdom were Ashtaroth and Edrei, home to the Rephaim.  They believed that the cities of Ashtaroth and Edrei during Israel's divided kingdom period, Jereboam built a pagan religious center at Dan just south of Mount Hermon where the Israelites worshiped Baal instead of Yahweh.  To make the region even spookier, Caesarea Philippi had been built and dedicated to Zeus.  We often presume that the phrase "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" describes a Church taking on the onslaught of evil.  but the word against is not present in the Greek translating the without it gives it a completely different connotation: "the gates of hell will not withstand it".  It is the Church that Jesus sees as the aggressor.  He was declaring war on evil and death.  Jesus would build His Church atop the gates of hell as a conqueror - literally bury them.